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 Welcome to the Women's Treatment Center (TWTC) where knowledge, experience and compassion combine to provide women battling addiction a chance for recovery and a new life.




Specialized Care for Women and Children 

TWTC was designed to serve women with their unique struggles with substance abuse in one convenient location. TWTC is one of the few sites in Illinois where children, 0 - 5 years old can accompany their moms into the program. The children receive quality childcare and educational services provided by nurturing and caring adults as their mothers go through treatment and recovery. Pregnant women are encouraged to enroll in treatment services as early as possible for longer-term care.


Priority enrollment in program services:


  • Pregnant intravenous drug users,
  • Other pregnant substance users
  • Other injecting drug users
  • All others


TWTC is nationally-recognized as a residential treatment model, as well as considered the State of Illinois' premier agency providing rehabilitative services, tools and support in a community-based setting to women recovering from addiction.


 Working Together to Bring Change 

The need for our services is greater than ever as issues of addiction, healthcare, child-welfare and criminal justice escalate in Illinois communities.  We currently service over 2,000 women and 300 children annually, with many more seeking assistance.



 The Road to Recovery

If you or someone you know is a woman over 18 battling substance abuse and addiction, contact us today for more information on taking the first step to recovery and a new life. Services are offered without regard to race, creed, color, sexual orientation, disability, national origin or an individual’s ability to pay.  

















               Donate Today!


Our work is possible because of the generous support of funders that share our vision to change lives and break intergenerational patterns of addiction, abuse, incarceration and poverty.  We urge you to learn more about TWTC and consider becoming a part of the solution in a woman's or a child's life. Visit our So Many Ways to Give and Donation pages to see how you can help today!



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