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Detox Treatment

TWTC’s Detox Unit is one of only two free-standing medically-monitored detox programs in Chicago. 


Women in need of a safe withdrawal from opiates, alcohol or other drugs are treated in our 16-bed unit, with an average stay of four to six days. The length of stay is based on an individual's drug of choice and medical recommendations for care.


Upon admission to the program, clients are assigned a primary counselor to help them address treatment issues.


Nursing staff members, on-site 24 hours a day, unit physicians, and the client’s primary counselor all work towards the goal of stabilization and plan for discharge to the next level of care.


During their stay, clients learn about ways to manage physical, mental and emotional withdrawal symptoms. Medications are prescribed to help relieve the pain and physical discomfort of withdrawal. Clients receive additional support through program activities and an introduction to the recovery process.


Next Steps 

Recognizing that Detox is only the first step in recovery, treatment teams assist clients with continuing care and planning prior to leaving the unit. Where appropriate, clients are referred to another level of care, such as residential rehabilitation or outpatient treatment 


Contact us for more information about Detox or other specialized treatment services and programs.

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