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In Kind Contributions

In Kind Contributions

The Women's Treatment Center accepts donations of new and gently used items.  We have included a list that can help to guide your giving decisions.







Look what I found!












Everything baby/Toddlers (to age 6)


Diapers - All sizes

Pull Ups


Baby bottles

Diaper changing pads
Diaper rash ointment
Waterproof pads for changing table
Rattles and small toys
Dirty diaper receptacle
Wipes or cotton cloths
Plastic wipes holder (for the diaper bag)
Pack T-shirts
Onsies - One-piece outfits that snap at the crotch (long- and shortsleeved)
Pajama sets
Pairs socks
Pairs soft booties
Pairs stretch cotton pants

Cotton sweaters
Knit caps
Sun hats
Zip-up sweatshirts
Baby hangers

Hooded towels
Packs of washcloths
Cotton swabs
Baby shampoos
Baby body washes
Infant bathing tubs
Baby nail clippers
Soft brush and combs
Rubbing alcohol
Petroleum jelly
Digital thermometers
Bulb nasal aspirators
Mild soap for laundry

Receiving blankets
Cotton blankets
Cradle or bassinet with cotton sheets
Crib mattress pads
Waterproof liners (one for the bassinet and one for the crib)

Rear-facing infant car seat with head support padding

Diaper bag
Sling or soft front carrier

Baby books

Toddler clothing/shoes

Snow suits



Winter hats and scarves

Band aids




Women's Wear

 Interview suits



Underwear (new) all sizes




Maternity wear

Care packages of soap, shampoo, conditioner, combs, Emory boards, deodorant



Winter coats

Mittens, hats, gloves, scarves



Kids Medical:
Blood pressure cuffs (infants)
New infant scale
Kids band aids










Event Tickets for families:
Museum passes (Kohls, Children’s Museum)
Sports events
Circus tickets



Special Requests by the Detox Program:
16 large, thick towels
16 matching twin sheet sets with pillowcases

16 Blankets
16 clamp on lights for reading at night





Arts and crafts materials for parents and children



Books for adults: 
(Adult: AA literature, wellness, meditation,
Yoga, spy and thriller novels)The Detox Unit specifically requests 100 AA minibooks at 100 for $160 from the Anonymous Press (Chicago)



Don't Foget to Fill Out a Donation Form

Call us at 312-850-0050 and ask for Candace

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