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The Junior League of Chicago celebrates 25 years of volunteer services at The Women’s Treatment Center.


The Junior League of Chicago has provided volunteer support for TWTC since 1991, contributing approximately 50 volunteer hours per month to help women at TWTC develop the skills they need to live independent, sober lives. Volunteer programming at TWTC encourages wholesome family fun and helps foster healthy relationships.


Literacy Corner


We are excited to report that due to the generous donations of those in attendance at the event, donors provided enough money to purchase one of the two literacy corners for the Parent Child Center. This adorable space shown in the picture below provides a fun environment that encourages children to learn to read and enough space for their mom’s to help them. The literacy corners will be set up as a distinct area in the two toddler classrooms and will be devoted to promoting reading and language skills for our children.


We are in need of an additional $2500 to reach our goal of purchasing one additional literacy corner for our remaining toddler room and children’s books for both of them. TWTC will be adding this item to our Holiday Wish list on our website so that Santa can deliver the remaining literacy corner to the children by Christmas! All donations, no matter what size are welcome!


Corporate Sponsors


The Women’s Treatment Center would also like to recognize our corporate sponsors, BHS Consulting Corp and Securitas, for their support of the Fall Fête and the mission of The Women’s Treatment Center. We are very appreciative of your generosity and attendance at this event.






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