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Parenting Program


Building Parenting and Family Skills

Women who bring children into residential treatment receive parenting services that include intervention, assessment and education. 


Together, these strengthen clients’ parenting skills, help identify and reduce behaviors shown to contribute to child abuse and neglect, and improve mothers' ability to manage their children's behavior in a positive manner.



Skilled practitioners, including Parent-Child Specialists and Parent Educators, work with mothers to help them develop an accurate knowledge base regarding child development and appropriate child-rearing practices. In groups and in individual sessions with staff, mothers explore ways to improve their relationships with their children and learn better ways to manage their child’s behavior. Nurse-led groups teach mothers about childbirth, childcare, and pre- and post-natal infant and maternal care. 


Because mothers and their children are in residence, parenting staff can observe daily interactions and intervene, as needed, to teach new strategies and to help mothers implement the new practices and techniques they are learning.


While women participate in treatment programs, their children attend TWTC’s licensed, on-siteDaycare or Pre-kindergarten class.  


These parenting services help break the intergenerational cycle of drug addiction and mend family bonds - ultimately resulting in healthier communities.




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