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Alternative Sentencing

At TWTC, non-violent drug offenders have an alternative to incarceration – the opportunity to complete the last two years of their sentence while residing in Recovery Home with their children.



TWTC offers the Alternative Sentencing program in partnership with the Illinois Department of Corrections. Participants receive drug treatment, parenting skills training and support. They also have the opportunity to complete their education and engage in job training and assisted employment opportunities through partner agencies. 


Drug treatment programs are so cost effective that the money saved on crimes not committed just while offenders are in treatment is sufficient to offset the costs of treatment.1


Participant’s children have access to TWTC’s full range of programs, including an infant-toddler daycare, an on-site pre-kindergarten class run in conjunction with Chicago Public Schools, a full-time pediatric nurse, and early childhood mental health screening and treatment. 





1 Duffee, D., & Carlson, B. (1996). Competing Value Premises for the Provision of Drug Treatment to Probationers. Crime and Delinquency, 42(4), pp. 574-593.

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