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Circle of Hope

The Circle of Hope is our leadership giving circle, which is comprised of individuals who pledge a minimum of $1,000 a year for five or more years to sustain the work of TWTC.  We are so grateful for the 28 members who have joined since 2010 when the Circle of Hope was launched. 


A commitment at this level represents a siginficant investment in our work.  Join us in breaking the cycle of addiction and poverty.  Widen the Circle—invite your friends!  The legacy of these gifts will last for generations.  For more information, contact our Development Team.


Many, many thanks to the following individuals who made this significant commitment: 

Cynthia Bailey Roseanne McGrath
Caroline Beaird Nancy McKeever
Gwendolyn Butler Pauline Montgomery
Sally Callander Gail Morse
Robin Cantor Susan Nash
Candace Davis Kelly Newhall
Sandra Desautels Sandra Rand
Lisa Forbes Joan Swanson
Elizabeth Foster Rachael Trummel
Diane Karge Jeanne Tubman
Lou Anne Kellman Lauren Verdich
Andie Kramer Lori Wittman
Roberta Kramer Rebecca Woan
Allison Levin Jennifer Zordani
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