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About TWTC

The Women’s Treatment Center (TWTC) is an Illinois 501(c)(3) agency, located on Chicago’s Near West side, established to provide a comprehensive family-based treatment program for women battling addiction. 


TWTC is the only substance abuse treatment center in the state focused solely on women and specializing in treatment that is framed and informed by women's issues.


Beginning in 1990, TWTC pioneered the state’s comprehensive substance abuse treatment program for women with children, and has become a national model for family-based, trauma-informed treatment in a community-based setting. Our agency is accredited by the Joint Commission, affirming adherence to the highest standards of care and safety for our clients.


We currently service close to 1200 women and 400 children annually. The need for our services is greater than ever due to escalating health, child-welfare and criminal justice crises.


What We Do

TWTC’s continuum of care enables women to transition from addiction to recovery, with the ultimate goal of rebuilding families who will lead productive lives. 


Recovery is often a long and complex process, so we can provide services and support for up to two years: 


Learn more about our innovative programs and services, including criminal justice programs, parenting programs and children's services


Who We Serve

TWTC serves Illinois women 18 and over who struggle with substance abuse, poverty, homelessness, trauma, and often, a concurrent mental disorder. Priority admission is given to pregnant and postpartum women, women with HIV/AIDS and female IV drug users. Pregnant women are welcome at all levels of care, including TWTC’s medically-monitored Detox unit.


TWTC also serves children under age 6 of the women in treatment, providing developmental and medical screenings, along with early intervention services as needed. Without intervention, their children – many born exposed to drugs – may follow in their footsteps.  


TWTC offers services without regard to race, creed, color, national origin, sexual orientation or ability to pay. All of our programs and facilities are accessible to persons with physical disabilities.


Meet some of the TWTC Stars and learn about their inspirational journey to recovery and maintaining a clean, productive life.


What Makes TWTC Unique

TWTC is unique because we have developed our specialized programs for Parents and Children by focusing exclusively on a woman’s needs. 


Our experience, documented by participation in a seven year federal study by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, shows that addicted women had better outcomes when their children resided with them during long-term treatment. 


What We Bring to the People of Illinois

TWTC's national model of treatment provides comprehensive services to women and children, offering the best hope for breaking the intergenerational cycle of substance abuse, drug addiction and incarceration, while mending family relationships. 


How Can You Help?

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